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Start A Directional Force Ruck Club

Start A Ruck Club In Your Area To Team Up With Like-Minded People To

Run-Ruck-Lift-Live -

The Ruck Club is a great way to meet people who are into Fitness, wellness, and comradery. 


Meet up on the Sandlot App for Rucks, Lift Sessions, or Hang Time with the Members.  

Ruck Club Members Receive Discounts for Merchandise as well as some DF Members Swag.  

Ruck Club Director Sam Hawley: Sam is a brain cancer survivor who ran everyday during chemo & radiation.  Sam's fitness level and discipline saved his life and he's passionate about helping others optimize their human potential.
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Directional Force Ruck Clubs are not directly associated with Directional Force, LLC.  You unilaterally understand and agree that Directional Force shall not be liable for any claim, loss, or damage arising out of the use of, participation in any associated event or meeting through the clubs banner.    Your participation in ruck club events, meetings, or workouts, are solely your choice and you do so at your own risk.   Ruck Club Captains are not employed or directly associated with Directional Force, LLC.  They are community coordinators who act solely on their own behalf in arranging meet ups, rucks, and workouts.  They are not sanctioned by or acting on behalf of Directional Force, LLC.  The activities associated with ruck clubs can cause injury and possibly death.  Please seek professional medical advice prior to engaging in, or undertaking in any physical activity, exercises, workouts, rucks, hikes, walks, or runs to make sure you're healthy enough to do so.   

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